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    Are you bored with your current window theme? do you want something different? Win7 Style Builder 1.5 is for creating, editing and conversion to Windows. You can change (convert) the current theme from window XP to window Vista from window XP and window Vista to Window 7. Covered Universal Theme Patcher v1.5 ( ThemeUi, ThemeService, patches UxTheme, ), has been tested on window Vista SP2 and Windows 7.

    win7 style builder
    Vista/Win7 Style Builder
    Get full control over an MsStyle
    Stop hex-editing files
    Auto fixes alpha-channels from Photoshop
    Easy image editing
    Control all theme properties
    Built-in documentation
    No more MUI file madness
    Test Visual Styles with one click
    Fully edit STREAM images, seamlessly
    Now with Windows 7 support
    Vista Style Builder 1.5 Released – October 18th, 2009
    Vista Style Builder 1.5 is now available. In this update several enhancements have been made such as:
    [Main] Memory leak when opening many themes.
    [Main] Search speed enhanced.
    [Main] In-memory UXTheme patcher launches correctly.
    [Main] RECT properties not being able to be edited properly.
    [Main] Property buttons disappearing after testing.
    [Main] Edit program not saving. (Fixed in 1.5.03)
    [Win7] FirstImageID set to 508 by default to prevent issues.
    [Win7] Open File Dialog not opening.
    [Win7] Search icon not showing.
    [Main] DPI specific images and glyph images now shown in tabs above the preview area.
    [Main] Stream/Atlas generator works better for border cases resulting in smaller Streams for better system performance.
    [Win7] Classes, Parts, and States finalized.
    [Win7] Vista to Windows 7 theme porting finalized. *
    Image dimensions show in preview area.
    Basic testing mode. (Shift+Test to auto-switch to basic and test).
    Color searching in RGB or HEX. Also searches for colors in images.
    Window size, position, and state (Maximized/Restored) saving.
    Help pane saving.
    Online user-editable wiki documentation.
    Auto-open last file.
    Ability to change image editor by holding Shift and clicking the Edit button.
    OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7
    Language: English
    License: Universal Theme Patcher
    Size: 2,56 ?B
    Download Win7 Style Builder 1.5

    Link download :

    Media Fire link : http://wicr.me/VSBMF
    GoogleDrive :  http://j.gs/BCdb

    Password : http://themes-animes.blogspot.com/

     Tutorial Vista Style Builder:

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